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Rachel’s mission is to inspire you to live a strong, empowered, limitless and fearless life (aka #seLF).
It all begins with you.
From a shy, quiet girl to overcoming her deepest fears, Rachel has always aspired to become the best version of herself. Through countless hours of self development and self discovery she knows the power of continuous learning and evolving.
She became a registered nurse in hope of changing the world. Through this amazing experience she found another passion – helping people change their lives through fitness and nutrition. This led her through her own weight loss transformation which resulted in her becoming a personal trainer.
On December 15, 2014 she took the BIG leap and left her career as a nurse to run her boot camp business, Aspire Boot Camp, which she built from the ground up. She started, like many humble entrepreneurs do, running every aspect of her business, including all the sessions. Aspire’s rapid growth required her to quickly grow her team.
Today she has over 11 team members helping her spread her mission and change the lives of people in their communities.
In 2017 she opened her second boot camp business, Sun Prairie Fit Body Boot Camp. Through these boot camp businesses she has helped 1,000’s of people change their lives, with over 9,000 pounds shed.
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